Law Office IT Support

Helping you protect your data and streamline your firm’s communication

Data security is a priority for most organizations, but for Law Offices protecting your data and your client’s data has become critical to the very nature of your business. Whether your technology assets are still in a closet in your office or you’ve moved them to a cloud provider, or you need help to take full advantage of what the cloud has to offer, NetFocus can help.

Our expertise with PerfectLaw, ProLaw and WorkShare help us better understand your business and truly partner with you

How can we help you today?

I need help migrating to the cloud.

Once your applications and data are moved, our flagship product FixedIT helps support the applications and computers your employees need to perform their job. Ensuring data security, protection and employee productivity.

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I need help with my existing IT systems.

Using Optics, we can support and manage traditional, on-premise servers and computers, because some applications simply cannot move to the cloud.

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